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I'm just curious about how many people come on tbd but don't respond so will everyone please pop in and say hello. i'll be waiting for you.

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Is this a one time thing, or do we have to this everyday?

Did I hear someone say "Cookies"?
The one I had was covered with dog hairs. You can have the next one.
I haven't been here in a couple of days. I spent Sunday getting ready for a colonoscopy which I had yesterday. Neither one was any fun. At least I am okay and don't have to do it again of years.
I had that done last September, PA. They want me back within 3 years.
me too.
I'm back!
Yay Goldilocks! Good to hear from you again. So how was your day?
My day was good, Michael. How was yours?
goldilocks, my day was pretty darn dull. Crummy weather and that always stops me from huntin' dinosaurs in the park and nothing else fun popped up. Did get a bit of a giggle by poking at a couple of opinionated folks on facebook though.
truthfully dot, I was kind'a hoping for really huge reply. I guess we are a small tight-knit group eh?
Hey, everybody!!! I'm here... Just popping in to say Howdy!!!




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