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It is not unusual in our modern age for parents who cannot conceive children of their own to turn to sperm banks for assistance in creating a family.  For decades these clinics have even offered 'specialty' sperm that was harvested by men with extraordinary I.Q.s or certain physical characteristics.  Recently, a sperm bank in California began offering 'celebrity Look-a-like' options.

When this type of genetic engineering is inflicted upon us by the government, as in the case of Hitler's Aryan  master race, it is considered unacceptable.  I realize this example is extreme, in an effort to breed perfection, the Nazis practiced genocide, an element that we as a society distain.

A small segment of our population, however, seems to be practicing mild eugenics as a personal option.  This allows them to filter out deformities, disabilities and characteristics that are undesirable to them. It allows them to strive for perfection.

Are we on our way to creating Nietzsche's Ubermensch by offering this 'superior' sperm?  Is this an ethical practice that should be encouraged?  Or should these parents have to play fertility roulette and be happy that are giving the chance at conception?

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By using sperm banks you are taking away the chance that a orphan will get a mom or dad or both.  Does not seem right to me.


Adoption, one more American business that has been outsourced.




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