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First Haiti at 7.0, then Japan at 7.0 and now Chile 8.9. All within  a few weeks. Whats going on?

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The Red Wiggler strikes again!
Hawaiian coastal regions are being evacuated due to tsunami warnimgs.
Although the exact location, time and nature of earthquakes cannot be predicted, the formal study of them is the province of geologists and geophysicists. The frequency of recent seismic events is well within statistical limits, thus it cannot be ascribed to any forces other than those already known to science.

However, we will have to wait for Pat Robertson to tell us the real reason it happened. I suspect his answer will be a combination of sushi, guano and voodoo...heavy on the guano.
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Well said Dallas! (Re: "the real reason") just to be clear here!)
Gee. I thought it was Larry King we all turned to in times of emergency and uncertainty. My daughters first words were 'Larry King.

I wonder if this is the end of it, or is the eathquake which is so long overdue in the midwest, more iminent. Is California getting ready to drop into the sea. Better stock up on vodka, just in case!

Your daughter is confused. Larry King is not an earthquake expert. He is a marriage expert.

Your vodka advice is flawless. I see why you are called "Mother Sanity".
may I quote you on that vodka statement?
Sure, just try not to slur.
Dont tell me... I need to get out more. Believe me. It shows in every way.
Thants right.... Anderson Cooper! What am I thinking? Ever since the digital swithch over
They seem to blame most extremes on Global Warming. Better hurry Congress and get the Cap and Trade Bill passed after you ram through your Obama Care.




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