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When you finally make up your Mind,
That you are going to do Something;
'Forge ahead,and don't look Back!

Stick with whatever,you've Planned.
Don"t give any thoughts,to Regrets,
Or feelings of the Past;
For time,does not go Backwards!

Decide once and for All,
That you are moving Ahead!
Don't let anyone,make you feel Guilty,
As they will surely Try;
But,it's "Your Life",
So,don't let it pass you By!

Take that Chance,
That you've wanted so Bad;
Before you Reach,
The end of the Line,

Time stands still,for no One!

Written by: Shaw

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Sounds like good advice.
Letha,thanks for an encouraging reminder not to procrastinate nor hold back!
OK, I will.
Unless, ofcourse, things arent going according to plan....
Thanks. I kindof needed that.




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