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I was just watching an add with him discussing how hard he works, and I noticed that the spot on his back seemed enlarged. Should I switch to State Farm?

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It's probably something he got from the Progressive chick, I hear they have been hanging out lately. Very scandalous that.
She looks like the type.
Perhaps his larger spot is an attempt to attract a female Geico gecko??
I am not sure about that gecko, but I don't think I would switch to State Farm either. I mean State Farm says you wiil be in good hands. YES, but who's hands?? Some guy that fondles farm animals? ewwwww.
Watch your back Callipyge!!
The Gecko need to get under the Travelers Red Umbrella to keep out of the sun?
Geck if I know. Maybe it's just a mole? We know he has car insurance but does he have health insurance?
I don't think Geico offers health insurance -- it really only cares about your vehicle. (And may have something to do with all this universal health care controversy??)




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