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Snagg likes to type Oscar Homolka.  Robbie likes to say Apalachicola.  What words make you smile when you see them, dance when you hear them?


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which makes me think

When your feet heal, we'll grapple.
LoL Lar.
"Grappling techniques can be broadly subdivided into Clinch fighting; Takedowns and Throws; Submission holds and Pinning or Controlling Techniques; and Sweeps, Reversals, Turnovers, and Escapes." Like an elaborate game of Twister!
Well, you and Kitty might be interested in these. The Turnover sounds especially exotic.

But as TBubba is my witness, I shall one day run again and it will be competing against you, Larry.

Oh, the word: adolescent
Your definition of grappling was so funny, conjuring up great images. LOL

Sorry, I forgot where I was. I got nothing, I'll be back with something.
You made me, pervert bubba.
You weren't supposed to grab her butt Larry. It was the awesome boobs I was interested in.

Whoops, almost forgot my delicious word. Caress.
Hi ah leeeaah!
Lake Titty Ka Ka
Well I'll be hornswoggle! This whole discussion sounds like a bunch of gobbledygook
to me.




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