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What's the most delicious, yet not necessarily healthy, food you've ever had? Fried Chicken, cheesesteak....geez, I feel like a virgin....

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PIZZA. I want pizza. I LIKE IT !
I'm like Beth I LOVE Pizza and Beer!
YES BEER LOTS of BEER. and pizza.
I am with you guys. PIZZA!! I have a 13 inch cast iron skillet that I make my pizza in. Sausage, pepperoni (margharita pepperoni PLEASE!!!) mushrooms, black olives, roasted red peppers, and EXTRA cheese. It takes 2 hands to lift this skillet when I am done with it.
What about deep fried oreos?

or donuts....cream donuts!
Pot Brownies, after the pIzza washed down with beer.
ummm....just what do you mean by bad? hahahahahaha

I have this thing for chef boyardee microwavable beefaroni.....
ummmm....maybe you'd like a...ummm...beer?

They have a triple whopper at burger king...but i'm afraid of it.




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