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Do you know the difference?? Share your favorites with us....

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"He Stopped Loving Her Today" makes me teary-eyed.

Where do you fit folk into the picture?......
Folk is a genre all its own and one I really enjoy.  Woody Guthrie, Pete Seager and the Kingston Trio and great.
I was about 12 years old....Us kids liked to go to the fox theatre which played old movies for 25 cents...Went to watch a old movie one day & it turned out to be a documentary on Woody Guthrie. WE were 12 years old & dissappointed we had to watch a documentary....Turns out the old documentary was soo good it kept all us kids glued to our seats & turned me into a die hard Woody & Arlo Fan.

Jimmie is one of the earliest country singers but he still sounds a little folksie to me.

Yup...Folksie fer shur......
Well, this is a real popular song done by the Bluegrass folks.  I'm not too sure about this folk version.....its not my favorite.
This one will make you cry too....:)

I've always liked this song. Others have covered it better,IMO, but Merle ain't bad.

I think everybody and their brother covered this one,  Merle Travis and Tex Williams co- wrote it.

Story goes, Tex said "Hey Merle I need a good song, can you help me? Merle Said gimme a cigarette, I can't think without a cigarette" Wrote it in one day. copied




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