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I'm a little confused! As an occasional (i.e. when I am at a suitabel venue or the weather is suitable) I find that comments from women regarding my cigar smoking are often diametrically opposed. Many seem to enjoy the fragrance and indeed the look whilst others cough and splutter.


What is the opinion of female members I wonder?

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Well, first of all, welcome, Gareth.

Back in the day when smoking cigars as well as cigarettes was allowed on planes (on this site we remember things that long ago) I was seated in the non-smoking section of coach, which was unfortunately located one curtain away from the smoking section of first class. A man (not gentle) lit up a cigar which perfumed its way around the curtain and induced my gag reflex. I went up and asked him nicely if he would put it out or at worst sub a cigarette.
Why should I?
Because if you don't I'll be obliged to come back and throw up in your lap.
He put it out.

I find few things as revolting as cigar smoke, but I have never smoked. Others may find it agreeable.
I believe I would have put it out tipped my cap and begged your pardon.
I know you would, sweet Bull. In fact I think you would have had more savoir-faire than to light it there in the first place.
You are very right again a tip of the cap.
I have a sense of déjà vu Gareth (welcome by the by) as this exact question was asked of us in TBD1 - so many moons ago. I have that sort of memory . . .

At any rate, I love the smell of a fine cigar, in the appropriate environment. I personally adore Davidoff Mini Cigarillos and indulge once in a while.
I am prejudiced b/c I am a recovering nicotine addict. I can intellectually appreciate the enjoyment of a fine cigar, the way that I enjoy a fine Scotch. However, my feelings around my own nicotine addiction kick in immediately upon me smelling cigars/cigarettes on a person, and it turns me off. Does this make sense?
I cannot stand the smell of cigar smoke. It gives me a sore throat and makes me cough.
Can I post in this thread?
I used to chew on Swisher sweets.
Do they still make them?
Better than candy.




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