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Yeah, I heard about it on the news. A seven year old boy was executed by the 'Taliban' for colloberating with 'the enemy'. They hung him.

Now I'm as sick of this war as you are, and convince me, someone, that after all of these years, we have no idea where Osama Bin Laden is. Bullshit. His purpose was to drag us into 'this war', keep us there 'forever' until our economy was bled dry. Congratulations Big Guy. You won.

Now what? Do we just call it quits, let the CIA do it's thing (publicize that hanging, infiltrate small villages, only to have them burned down by the Taliban, pay the Big Dollars to dig up Their Man) (yes) or do we stay there until the last American is unemployed and living  on the pavement infront of what used to be their house?

(Thank you George Bush for Iraq. I sure am glad Saddam is no longer of TV making statements like 'The Mother of all Wars'.  And then there was that HORRID information minister...Too bad you forgot about Osamma....)

I think we need to bring 'The Boys' home. We have a war going on to the south of us which rivals Afghanistan. Beheadings are common, and no one is quite sure WHO runs THAT government: some figurehead or the drug lords. Hell, our borders are as pourous as cheesecloth (chime in Brothers and Sisters living on the Mexican Border..).And God knows we dont have enough troops to start another new nation building campaign.

If we are gonna be nation building, for godsake, lets do it to our South. At least, lets clog up the leaks with whatever resources Osamma hasn't sucked up.

The war ( in Afghanistan) is over. We lost. Lets stop spending good dollars on bad, killing our kids for a lost cause. Perhaps one day again in the future, but not now.

Who knows. Maybe we'll get lucky and find Osama  in a tunnel benieth the US-Mexican border.

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