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Weezie and I want to go somewhere WARM, HOT IS GOOD for a week in the beginning of April. We looked at San Diego (men in uniform...) , the carribean, Hawaii, Florida, Mozambique, Vietnam, but theres nothing under $2,000. All we want is a sun tan and a little rest. Maybe a cocktail or two... ANY IDEAS PLEASE?

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Thanks, I'll check it out! This time of the year?
Jackie the beaches are already filling up here, today was definitely a beach day!
Its really looking like Biloxi. I am facing what could be thousands of dollars in surgery this year, and in Biloxi, the accomidations are cheap, looks like theres a ton of trouble to get into, side trips, food, spas...I'll let you know for sure when Toms money comes!
Really? This time of the year? There are tornado's too, which would add to the thrill, although perhaps not in my Miata. Whats the average temp? Have things been cleaned up after Katrina? Can you swim in the water? Are their accomidations? Is this a big (meaning draws alot of people from all over) tourist spot or is it local? Are you SURE it's not too cold? I'm sorry for all the skeptisism. It just sounds too good to be true. Much love, Jackie
Tuscon, Arizona it is hot there.
We were at an airport there a few times, once when the serial killer (or was it two) were terrorizing the place? We didnt leave tha airport because we were transfering planes to Hawaii. My kid would probaby not go for it. But Biloxi is looking really good.
Acapulco, mexico
I have a problem with mexico. Not only is everything broken, and no one speaks english....but they are in a civil war. I cant support a country that routinely beheads and terrorizes people.

Benn there years ago though!Had fun! Thanks. Love Jackie
Really! Cool! That makes it all the more exciting. Flights out of Newark are $237 RT, pp! But I kind of wanted to take my miata...no roof makes for a saner Mother Sanity. Thank you!
A Miata they are cool!
Mertle Beach, SC
Isnt it cold there?




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