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I am unable to login for some reason and cant get any help. at first i had no problems but i guess something happened. anyone have any ideas on what is going on? thanks

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hi I am having the same problem on one of my computers but not the other one ,i wonder if it's a memory space thing
Your microphone is turned all the way down, and there's something blocking your webcam.

If you are wearing nylon underwear it might be causing static buildup.

I thought Pru won the war of static cling.

OK, It's been a while, maybe the forces have regrouped and are trying to take over the world again. (where is Pru when you need her)

I am sure Pru is trying to stay warm this morning.

for us newbies, who's Pru and how did she win the war on static cling?

Hi CaliforniaNow. Prunella Farquar, or Pru for short, was a member of the first version of TBD years ago. (this is the 3rd incarnation)

If this had been high school, she would have been nominated for prom queen. Just a very witty person who always had a way of making you smile. I'm not sure, if she ever revealed the secret about winning the static war, but it had to be true because she had it posted on her home page. Sadly, the "Prunella Farquar" persona has been discontinued. She is rarely around these days, is now the person holding the reins of this site, and is now known as Eddie Dingo.

don't I know it.!!

And probably won't forget either.  :-)

it's engraved in my brain.

no tattoo?





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