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I was thinking the other day, for the first time, DUH, that driving around with a kids car seat in the back of my car, maybe cutting into my action!!!! LMAO

If you are a single guy and you see a women with a car seat do you assume they are married, or is it just a turn off?

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Personally, I would be optimistic and assume you are divorced with a kid(s). However I like kids, so maybe I'm a bad test case.
If I saw a man with a car seat in the back, yes, it would be a real deal breaker. but that is just me. I drive a little coupe with 2 seats.
If I saw a man in a car seat in the back, I would assume he had done something to deserve it.
I never look in the back seat. I might look at what your hauling in the trailer behind your truck. I have never found it productive to ask for a date while the lady is driving a different truck while I am driving my truck.
I would think: Hey, she knows how to deal with spoiled, whiney brats already, so this'll work out perfect!
I would worry if I saw three child seats on the back seat.
I would also wonder where her husband was.
I think anyone who is turned off by seeing a car seat isn't someone you should be with anyway. You have kids. It's part of who you are. If he can't deal that, he's not the right guy.
I don't do backseats any more. That wouldn't be an issue for me. Where I'm at, its likely grandma has it to haul the kids around.




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