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O.k., lets hear it. Do you love it, hate it, or can take it or leave it? What do you consider absolutely necessary? What luxury can you not live with out (me? fresh ground coffee and real Half and Half!)? What is your favorite place camp? Are you a tent camper, a travel trailer or a Class A camper? Wood camp fires with smores?

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We used to go camping.
My wife got spoiled and now she only wants’ to stay in some ritzy Motel somewhere.
I still like the Wallowa’s in eastern Oregon.
I have never been to Oregon. But I do plan on visiting one day.
Oh, I love camping. The smell of the pines and the water. Just the thought of camping makes me happy. I've only camped in Michigan, but Traverse City Park (Michigan's northern coast) is nice, I've heard Ludington (Michigan's west coast) is nice, Lakeport (Michigan's east coast) is nice and close to home. But my all time favorite - Tawas Point State Park. My necessity: no rain. Thanks for asking.

Where do you like to go?
And yet another place I have never been to. But it is on the list of places I want to see.
Yes, I agree - No rain! I have only camped in Georgia. I would like to camp out west. The south rim of the Grand Canyon would be lovely!

This is the sunrise our last morning. We had a wonderful time and I was soo relaxed.
I love to camp on my wildlife habitat tract I manage at my farm on weekend. Luxury needed: ice, beer, kolaches and shower after second day. I have 4 buzzards there that follow me in circles but do not pick on me.
My other half's family has 8 acres in North Georgia. We are going to clear a small place to put a tent up there. Very quiet and isolated. Hoping to do that in time for the this fall.
Sometimes a good hotel room is just the ticket too!
That is exactly what we had. And we were happy as clams! Well, we did have a coffee pot and fresh ground coffee!
We are looking forward to getting a used tow behind camper at some point. I had a pop up in my previous life. That is to much work. But a little hybrid or ultra light camper would be nice.
Oh, Mary, I can agree with that! We had a pop-up with the kids, it served the purpose. I would love one of the light campers with a bathroom, and the vehicle to pull it with. I would camp by myself, with my dog. Just being out there instead of in here.

And then, on the road too. Boy, I am ready now.




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