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I've  been interested in discovering a bit more about my ancestry after a cousin of mine revealed she had purchased one of these DNA ancestry testing kits with some surprising results to her. Our grandmothers were sisters so I figured some similarities might show up in the DNA result. Of course my maternal grandfather's would influence my result as well as my father's family.  These DNA testing kits I've seen for with prices running from $25 to $200. I purchased the one my cousin recommended called "Where The Hell Do I Come From.com" for about a hundred bucks.  So I got some of my saliva into a collection tube and sent it back in a pre-paid return mailer.

It can take about 6-8 weeks to get these results and I had to wait over  2 months. Some of these kits use genotype to analyze the 3 billion or so pairs in our genome or  look at the protein codes. There are those DNA results based upon scientific methods that I have no understanding of like "Y" chromosome expository  and  mitochondria testing and  nucleotide polymorphisms . All these terms are Greek to me and as it turned out no Zorba The Greek in my heritage once I got my results.  I waited patiently and anxious for over two months. Some of these DNA ancestry testing give links to relatives while others see how much I might have in common going way way back in time with Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon man.  
Well, being shocked to discover my results would be an understatement. The results showed  I was 42 % native American, 23% Eskimo, and 35% ....get this...Canis Lupus....more commonly known as a timber wolf or gray wolf that were native to North America and Eurasia.  My cousin had said our mutual great grandmother had come from Austria and I believe my maternal grandfather's family was from Russia. But there's no one in my family alive to ask anymore. I know the accuracy of these DNA results can vary with up to a 10% margin of error but I never expected a timber wolf to be in my bloodline. 
No...I have no symptoms of suffering from lycanthropy ..being a werewolf,that is. I don't howl at a full moon. True I like my steaks bloody rare but that's as far as anything wolflike about me. I'm not even a hairy guy.Just ask my wife. I was hoping my DNA ancestry test might trace my bloodline to Alexander The Great, King Tut, or Cochise or Alley OOP if the testing could go back that far. But now...now..incredibly I have a greater than a one in three chance to be related to White Fang or Rin Tin Tin. 


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Very wry. enjoyed that. Did you do  the test for real? Any surprises?

No. I didn't do the test. My wife doesn't want me to waste our money. They vary too much in results. 




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