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Go ahead and Byte me....Here's your spot..this is your chance.   In 141 characters or less...
Let us know.....
"Where's the beef"?
"Sock it to me" ....or them..or whomever...
Have you been bad or good?
Let the dog " in" the house?
Let the cat "out"?
Keep us posted.....We need to be in the know....ya know.....!!

Tags: am I boring, are we bored, need something shiny to distract me, twitter diss...and dat

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I stopped by just to rest and to see who else drops by.....
Hello Bob, guess I'll take a load off too.
Real life ain't for sissies....just sayin'.
Bite me... Just try, I will bite back!

I have days like that too Beth.....!
Good to see you pipe up!
Some one at work said Christmas is four months away.....What kind of normal person thinks about this?
For myself it is a particularly loathsome time of year and here is this person zapping it into today....
*going off to find ranting and raving.....again....*

My thoughts exactly...
She is well trained......

Ha Ha
Not trained......she is just very insightful.
I'm back!
A belated Happy Birthday to you, Chez!
Thanks, Dot! (((Hugs))) to you too!
Thirty days from now I'll be somewhere else cuz I been re-yule good!!!




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