TBD on Ning

Go ahead and Byte me....Here's your spot..this is your chance.   In 141 characters or less...
Let us know.....
"Where's the beef"?
"Sock it to me" ....or them..or whomever...
Have you been bad or good?
Let the dog " in" the house?
Let the cat "out"?
Keep us posted.....We need to be in the know....ya know.....!!

Tags: am I boring, are we bored, need something shiny to distract me, twitter diss...and dat

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Elaine is cool Goldi....
I'm just glad I don't dance like that....it looks painful.
I can't take credit for Elaine, Dot posted that. Yes, that dance does look painful.
20 minutes on TBD has made a good difference in my day....Thank you.
Awwwww Dot! And I forgot your birthday......:-(!!!!! Hope it was a happy day...!
I'm off to Hotlanta for a sibling reunion....going from hot and humid to hot and humid! At least we don't have to shovel humidity....!
Go get 'em Quinn...dazzle 'em with BS.....that's Bull S--t...Not Bob Stepp...:-)
Have a good time! They are probably as nervous about meeting you, after all. Be cool.


You, too, Jaylee, be cool - sounds like you need it! Are you going to be able to meet D's Girl while you're there?

That dancing up there looks like me with a cramp in my leg. Only I don't dress so slick any more.
Another hot Sunday afternoon and the Rangers beat the Redsox 7-3.....:-D

Interesting fact about
AUGUST 2010.
This August has 5 Sundays,5 Mondays & 5 Tuesdays.
All in 1 month.
It happens once in 800 years.
Yeah, I remember the last one....
That IS interesting, darroll! Thanks for sharing it w/us.
And in Hotlanna this August had 31 Hotdays. But that happens regularly. :-P
Wow, I picked a rare month to turn 68!




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