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Go ahead and Byte me....Here's your spot..this is your chance.   In 141 characters or less...
Let us know.....
"Where's the beef"?
"Sock it to me" ....or them..or whomever...
Have you been bad or good?
Let the dog " in" the house?
Let the cat "out"?
Keep us posted.....We need to be in the know....ya know.....!!

Tags: am I boring, are we bored, need something shiny to distract me, twitter diss...and dat

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Ran the vacuum today....hated every minute of it....nothing but a complete battle...it sucks good....or bad...whatever!

There is something a bit odd about posting on a thread that I started....Is it PC to byte oneself?
It's your thread, Sugar....post all you want to. If someone complains, tell 'em to go "byte" themselves. :-D
I can't understand why they won't let me babysit anymore.

I don't either, Darroll; that looks a lot safer than sending them onto the freeway.
Some people can be very kind...just a reminder.
Time to finish household chores and then watch a baseball game....
Time to end this day.....
Right you are, Sugar....G'Nite Irene....:-)
Good night, everyone.




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