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Go ahead and Byte me....Here's your spot..this is your chance.   In 141 characters or less...
Let us know.....
"Where's the beef"?
"Sock it to me" ....or them..or whomever...
Have you been bad or good?
Let the dog " in" the house?
Let the cat "out"?
Keep us posted.....We need to be in the know....ya know.....!!

Tags: am I boring, are we bored, need something shiny to distract me, twitter diss...and dat

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Worked outside Wed. thru Fri. My pores are fully cleansed.
My timing on outside projects is off this year. Nineties and high humidity every time.
I'm here, just got back today. No internet or computer where I was.
Any where is cooler than here....the humidity is killing me...not really but I know now why my mom carried paper towels...not some wimpy hankie or tissue...;-)
94 with a heat index of 110 today. I worked inside today. :-)
Hi Quinn! Yes, I had a good time, thanks! It wasn't much cooler there than at home, but was more humid.
I just love it when surprises pop in the door.....!
What was your address again?

Can I play with your new kitty?

See ribald, gross, disgusting comment that I filtered before letting my fingers do there thing......it would have been so easy.
Not quite catching the flow here SG....you want to play with whom????!

My comment was for the surprise posters that showed up last night...peeps that have been missed.
I missed all of you folks too, Jaylee.
Yup...Goldie...its a good thing...!
You said it.




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