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Go ahead and Byte me....Here's your spot..this is your chance.   In 141 characters or less...
Let us know.....
"Where's the beef"?
"Sock it to me" ....or them..or whomever...
Have you been bad or good?
Let the dog " in" the house?
Let the cat "out"?
Keep us posted.....We need to be in the know....ya know.....!!

Tags: am I boring, are we bored, need something shiny to distract me, twitter diss...and dat

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It's late....going to bed....Nite ya'll....
Gonna brush my teeth now....should I start on top or bottom first?.....or in the middle.
(wow! only 57 characters)
OK, I'll byte you - had a quiet day Friday. Enjoy your weekend!
My life...work, pub, home repeat, ad infintum. There, you got it all.
I'm sitting here trying to eat Cheerios and blueberries....with no milk! Who'd have thunk it....milk goes soar a couple of weeks past the expiration date. Sometimes "singleguyhood" isn't all its cracked up to be. LOL!

Next, its on to the the rib joint for my sixth day in a row. The boss is getting ornery, and my knees are starting to ache from all that standing. At least I'll be able to get some breakfast there......pulled pork, potato salad and slaw being the primary options.

Oops, I misread the instructions....I thought it said 141 words, not characters.

OK, I go now.
LOL (Click Me)
I'm vertical, I'm breathing, I drew a line in the apple jelly
.....of course....;-D
Get to clean the bird cage today and weed the prickly pear...livin' on the edge am I.
Yep....you are....fun ain't it?
I just fed my stick bug and cleaned his house. He is eating dinner.
I love stick bugs....very rare....gotta look close...even then you might miss them....Do they like living in a house? .....just wondering.....;-)




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