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OKAY FOLKS. The world of the automobile and transportation is about to change. Here in  Brooklyn's Coney Island lies the answer. No more need to worry about gas for your car. No more exhaust pollution. No need to recharge every 40-75 miles for those Volt and Leaf type electric cars. YES...I have the answer to solve our energy crisis.....Bumper Cars.
I rode the bumper cars as a youngster when we visited Coney Island from our Queens, NY home.. For those unfamiliar, bumper cars are small electric cars fitted  with a rubber bumper. You can go backwards and forwards. Bumper cars are also called bumping cars, dashing cars, and dodgem cars but for me, Coney Island means bumper cars and of course the best tasting famous Nathan's frankfurters and French fries. 
In the amusement park ride, bumper cars move around by contacts under the vehicle touching the floor,while a vehicle pole mounted touches the ceiling forming a complete circuit.  The largest bumper car floor is at Six Flags Amusement Park in Illinois.
While the bumper cars are primarily designed for one occupant,it can accommodate an adult and a small child or a briefcase for work and other supplies.  So....I'm ready to start driving my bumper car tomorrow. Who will join me in this new exciting means of transportation ?  The only problem is, albeit a slight one, we can't leave Surf Avenue in Coney Island.  The good new is...great tasting hot dogs are on the corner. !!!

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There wouldn't be any road rage.

TRUE. No road rage. I hadn't thought of that. No tailgating parties either before football games.

I'll buy that for a dollar.




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