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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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I always wanted to hug my high school typing teacher as did most of the other guys but not because her bunny died.

For nearly nine years, American men and women from across the country and all walks of life left their homes behind to serve their country. Some of them gave their lives. Each one of them -- and their families -- made sacrifices.

In December, President Barack Obama stood at Fort Bragg in front of troops returning from Iraq, and said: "Welcome home."

Here's you chance to welcome them home too!

Hear Sharon Potter, a Purple Heart recipient, describe what it mean...

Thank you TeeBubba. That was worth the doing.

Reading through this is fun. Ahh, winds of the old days. Way back when it was either TeeBubba or Aggie, I can't remember now, put up a thing that said "I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you." That seems to apply here. I guess I should clarify. I'm a very liberal democrat. Okay, carry on.

Joella, that would have been me. Don't remember exactly, but I think it was in reference to something Robbie had posted. 

At last I get to thank you for that. I've used it a lot.

After going back and really reading all of this discussion, I take back my "this is fun" comment. This is not fun. This is unbelievable.

Another dose of utter nonsence.

And another big piece of the puzzle just fell into place.

Now you can see why the liberals need special laws.
I never said anything bad about Blacks or Homosexuals or resorted to name calling.
I was talking about crying to the government to get special treatment.
I won’t have a demonstration or lobby a government big wig to get special treatment.
People don’t like me, then after I get my legislation forcing you to like me. The truth is they still don’t like you.
Oh I also want to thank the people that hate oil.




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