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Guess the movie,book or song using the hints given in the preceding post.

Then put up hints about a book, movie or song.

Make them as explicit or obscure as you want.

This can be pictures, quotes, discriptions, or video clips.


The name or title of the subject you provide hints about must start with the letter of the alphabet which follows the first letter of the subject that you have identified. When we reach the end of the alphabet we start over with "A"


EXAMPLE: HINT: "Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn". 


Movie; "Gone with the Wind" (starts with a G)


NEXT HINT: The bellhop's dressed in black.


ANSWER: SONG; "Heartbreak Hotel" (starts with a H)


I'll start it off. The answer to this one has to start with an "A". 


Hint: Down the Rabbit Hole" 


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I don't know. But it's been a long time since anyone has posted.
Now you've done it. My little brain is really confused.
Chez, What kind of dust? Moondust? Fairy dust? Red dust?

And for that matter, What is a "Dustman"?
Allright!!! People, we now have two unidentified songs.
will somebody please post a book or movie?
What letter are we on?
We're stuck on Dustman. I thought that was very cool of you taking the "Dust" from Dustin and putting it with the "Man" of Hoffman. It could have been Dusthoff.

Or tinman...
We might be at "M"

A shy young boy in 1940's Mississippi receives animal for his birthday. Life lessons ensue.
My Friend Flicka....oops that was Wyoming.
"M"? Hmm...From your description, the only thing that springs to mind is "The Yearling".
"Moosie Moves From Mississippi to Minnesota" ????
The Movie is "My Dog Skip"


This one takes place along the Ohio river in West Virgina. Shelly Winters has long flowing hair.
Creepy movie...Night Of The Hunter


Inspirational yet honest, and always rhythmically rollicking, this story is a perfect sendoff for children, 1 to 100, entering any new phase of their lives.

[and, My Dog Skip is correct]
"Oh, The Places You'll Go!"





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