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Guess the movie,book or song using the hints given in the preceding post.

Then put up hints about a book, movie or song.

Make them as explicit or obscure as you want.

This can be pictures, quotes, discriptions, or video clips.


The name or title of the subject you provide hints about must start with the letter of the alphabet which follows the first letter of the subject that you have identified. When we reach the end of the alphabet we start over with "A"


EXAMPLE: HINT: "Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn". 


Movie; "Gone with the Wind" (starts with a G)


NEXT HINT: The bellhop's dressed in black.


ANSWER: SONG; "Heartbreak Hotel" (starts with a H)


I'll start it off. The answer to this one has to start with an "A". 


Hint: Down the Rabbit Hole" 


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you got it!  your turn! i don't get on here as much, sans the late replies.


The First Musical Family of New Orleans

I would've guessed Brandford Marsellis and his brothers, but I'm not sure about the one starting with 'N'.

The Nelsons?


 Art, Cyril, Charles & Aaron - As well as Aaron's son, Ivan.

Must be Neville.


A not so stark, (but very Stark-y)  song inspired by a squid (on Peter Seller's yacht).

"Octopus' Garden" - ?

(I know I'm right, but I'll be a gentleman and let you congratulate me.)

You did a really fine job answering that one.  I'm so very amazed and impressed  How and where did you manage to gain so much knowledge and wisdom?  I am in awe of the magnificence of the way you worded that as well.  Did you write Octopus's like some might have?  Oh no, none of that conventional technique for you and might I add extra kudos for not tossing around the pompous and pretentious plural 'octopi'.

I applaud you Sir for an answer that was not only quite correct, but also for the style and modesty with which it was presented.  Bravo!  And thank you so much for taking the time.

Now, are you going to lay some 'P' on us or what?

First, I need to get a long drink of water.


Now - "P": A movie about a kid who never grew up, on an adventure to find his most treasured possession.

Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Paul, Austin Powers...

I suspected that I was making it too deliberately vague.

How about "A terminal man-child on a cross-country quest to find his most treasured possession, the Coolest Bike In The World" - ?




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