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Guess the movie,book or song using the hints given in the preceding post.

Then put up hints about a book, movie or song.

Make them as explicit or obscure as you want.

This can be pictures, quotes, discriptions, or video clips.


The name or title of the subject you provide hints about must start with the letter of the alphabet which follows the first letter of the subject that you have identified. When we reach the end of the alphabet we start over with "A"


EXAMPLE: HINT: "Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn". 


Movie; "Gone with the Wind" (starts with a G)


NEXT HINT: The bellhop's dressed in black.


ANSWER: SONG; "Heartbreak Hotel" (starts with a H)


I'll start it off. The answer to this one has to start with an "A". 


Hint: Down the Rabbit Hole" 


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Pru -

"Xanadu"? Really?

In high school, I made a t-shirt with iron-on letters that read "I Hate John Travolta". I made friends with some of the strangest people as a result....


The most British band of the British Invasion, led by two eternally feuding brothers, finally hit it big in America with this snarling chunk of obsession that some people insist was the first blast of heavy metal - Partly because some insist that it's Jimmy Page on the guitar.
We've added bands to the list?

Is it the Yardbirds? Only British band from that period I can think of...


Another head hangs lowly,
Child is slowly taken.
And the violence caused such silence,
Who are we mistaken?
Wow, that's quite powerful. I'm awaiting the answer.
Yeh when it comes to song lyrics I will probably have to just watch.
No, no, nooooo.....The "Y" refers to the first letter of the song being submitted, the "snarling chunk of obsession" alluded to. Sheesh. Ya gotta hit some people with a brick around here.

Hint: The BAND's name began with a "K".
Everything in your post screamed "band". Would you like to meet me in rant and rave so we can "discuss" this further?

Is the band the Kinks? Is the song You Really Got Me?
Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding. We have a winner!
Doesn't look like I'm getting an answer to "Z"

The song is Zombie by the Cranberries.
OK Quinn, Since you stumped everyone. I'll put up an Easy one.
What book would you expect to find on the table at a present day "Mad Hatter" party? Hint; It isn't "Alice in Wonderland".
I would say that yours would be the opening to the "Battle of the Computer Nerds"
However your answer to my post isn't close enough. So I shrugged it off. and we are still at "A"


headed for the highway looking for adventure like a 2 natured child we were.
Beth, It isn't Anaconda.
I guess nobodies going to get it so here it is. "Atlas Shrugged"

Yours is SONG "Born to be Wild".


This one is an easy one if you've read it. But I doubt that anyone here has.

1999 novel by American author Neal Stephenson. The novel follows the exploits of two groups of people in two different time periods. The first is World War II-era Allied codebreakers and tactical-deception operatives affiliated with the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park. The second narrative is set in the present day with descendants of the first narrative's characters employing cryptologic, telecom and computer technology to build an underground data haven in the Sultanate of Kinakuta. Their goal is to facilitate anonymous Internet banking using electronic money and (later) digital gold currency, with a longer range objective to distribute Holocaust Education and Avoidance Pod (HEAP) media for instructing genocide-target populations on defensive warfare.




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