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   With this summer's health threats of the Ebola and mosquito transmitted Chikungunya virus, another menace to society is causing great concern. A tiny insect is instilling fear into the livelihood of musicians as it appears spreading along the Northeastern states. It  is the reason that the Boston Pops Orchestra  has canceled performances in New York City and the Berkshires in Massachusetts. The culprit is none other than the Drosophila Sousa...more commonly known as the flute fly.
     This tiny insect reproduces at astonishing rates. One flute fly can lay up to 500 eggs and within hatching after 48 hours, the flute fly maggots love nothing better than burrowing into and devouring the bamboo,cedar,and Brazilian Rosewood used by many of the world's most accomplished flautists.  A wooden flute is the only choice of many musicians. While orchestra and band leaders have recommended they switch to a flute made of silver, brass, platinum, nickel, and even gold...most musicians feel the wooden sounds are much superior.   For some reason ,clarinets and oboes seem to be immune from any flute fly inhabitants.
     Pest control experts are working around the clock to come up with a method to kill the flute fly larvae without damaging the flutes. In Rhode Island, government officials are discussing the alarming possibility of the cancellation of the very festive and pompous Pawtucket Piccolo Parade on Labor Day.

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LOL, toot

fruit fly~flute fry

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i'm always around somewhere.

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