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I decided to rephrase the question.

What can you think of that is better than ice-cream?

Besides SEX!!!

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Quit changing the rules......%$#**&&..and furthermore&*^%%$

I thought I might get a response like this.  Anything?  Anything?

Ice cream with sprinkles?

At least that's something.

Well....okay. White chocolate chip cookies are way up on the list.

Bravo!  I knew there was something.  I like those too.

Chokecherry pie.

I don't even know what a chokecherry is.  What is that Darroll?

Chokecherries grow around here wild.

They are so bitter that it takes two cups of sugar for one cup of cherries.

It also makes great jellies.

A hug from my grandson.

Ah.  Grandkids.  I have heard they are much, much better than ice-cream. 

They haven't come up with an ice cream flavor that even comes close.




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