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Anything interesting happen while I was out? Anybody marry anybody else? Anybody jump ship? MyAtlantis revealed as just another Bernie Madoff scheme? Any charming new members revealed to be creepy gelatinous invaders from Altair 6? It's so hard to keep abreast of things these days....

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Like I said - As long as there's no Heavy Lifting involved.

(As if there's any mental heavy lifting, when dealing with somebody like NM.)
I think I just may need another dose of pain killers and anti-inflammatories in a few minutes.
I've been talking to the 'We The People Group. A very interesting group of people. They seem to have the unique capability to discuss emotional issues with respect for one another and those that they disagree with. I've enjoyed the discourse very much and believe it has made me a kinder, more polite individual. Check it out. Plenty of good discussions, sure to get your blood boiling...but instead, sets your mind to thinking.
Jackie.....Have you met Cardan?

(And what this has to do with me being gone for a short spell, I don't know...)
What? This isn't the rammedon thoughts thread?

*I thought there would be cookies.*




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