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Can somebody kill this please. I've appealed to chuck to no avail, and I really don't want to reason with crickets.
Please, someone make the madnes stop!

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I can't here the crickets...or the Barracudas. My speakers are on too. I saw that John Dalhouse had "Barracuda" on his player thingy, I just clicked the pause button. Is that what you are talking about ?
I do think it would be more considerate if people would just link to a playlist on their page and asked people to stop by and listen.
Can I have some crickets Chuck? I love my fart on "My Page". Crickets would be fitting for my inbox...(((very quiet and desolate there))))).
Chuck - I will apoligize publicly, as well as privately. I was given to understand it was your music, as the old post was bunmped up from before. I am truly sorry. Please accept my apology.
I sent a message to the poster and asked him to not do this. I like the song but not on the main page and I know some have bandwidth issues with audio and video stuff.
Success!!!! No more Barracuda!
I was surprised by the Barracuda song on the front page. Easily solved. I left the front page. It wasn't too difficult. A simple click. Another simple solution. Turn your volume down.

By the way what happened to the fart sounds? I have two young boys that I know would get a kick out of it but alas, it was gone.
or you can do what I did and stop it for everyone
That was even easier.
I still have it on My Page Ubu. I Pm'd Chuck and asked if I could keep it...it's still there ;-)
Spoke too soon :-( I liked it too!
Sometimes Westerly, You have to go the vigilante route.




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