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For the last few days I've been getting an occasional malware alert on a TBD jpeg file named tbd_logoSmall[1].jpg. Is anyone else's anti-virus software alerting them to it? I use Avast. The threat is indicated as low, and maybe there is nothing to it, but at the very least it's a nuisance. Avast quarantines it without further incident.

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Thanks for replying, Cindy. I haven't seen it in a few days, and since it didn't alert for you, it was probably a lark. It seemed unlikely to me that the TBD logo would set it off, but I wasn't sure that maybe some sites infect jpegs with malware. Anyway, it seems to be ok for the time being.

Cheers to a fellow IT professional.
I just had it happen to me. I too have Avast. I have a funny feeling that the possibility of phishing has arrived. Best everyone ensure their firewalls are turned on, and that their anti-virus is up to date, and that all systems are updated. Sooooooooo glad you posted this Tim. Thank you. Are you using their (Avast) free registration, or did you purchase their package? Do you have any other virus check systems in place?

For those who are wondering what "phishing" means - here is an explanation.




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