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....what are your Super Bowl plans?


I've stocked in lots of junk food (yeah, I know that's all I eat anyway), and will probably read a book, and kinda watch the game, until halftime.


At halftime, however, the book will be put aside, and I'll give my undivided attention to watching the Black Eyed Peas perform.


And I'm really, really hoping that Fergie experiences "Wardrobe Malfunction".


Hey, it could happen.  It did before



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There's a football game this weekend? The Super Bowl hasn't happened yet? Who's playing?


scratch that last question. I don't really care. Actually, scratch all 3 questions.


Okay, let's start over - Hi, Stir! '-)

Hi Deez!
I wonder if I should get some green and yellow body paint, or would that stuff rub off on my recliner?

I will watch the game. The two teams playing should ensure a good contest, plus I enjoy the commercials.

Back-eyed Peas????? they are for eatin' on New Years day with collards and cornbread.

Daughter, son in law, and grandson are coming over. Daughter & son in law are painting the bedroom before the game, and I'm cooking pizza to munch on during the game. Go Steelers!
Who is Fergie?
Isn't she a Duchess of something?
Or the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas. There is one of each.
She's known as "The Dutchess".....not sure why she adds the "t".

Two friends are coming to my house.

Going with a Mexican theme...Guacamole, Salsa and Cheese Dip, Pork and Black Bean "chili", cornbread.

And, beer. Of course ;-)


Not interested in Fergie or her wardrobe. Jealousy perhaps :-))

Is anyone else performing? Someone my age? Someone who's music I'm familiar with?




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