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Hey do any of you older guys know if it will now be easier for those hot young ladies to contact us about sending our money to Nigeria?

I really missed them after they could no longer contact us over on the "TeeB"!


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Gary, you sound like my kind of guy. I love that adoring smile of yours. It is so sexy. I hope you are available. I have a few problems right now. My cat just died and needs a decent burial. He was a good old cat. He was 13 years old and had a heart attack at the vet's office. Could happen to anyof us. and then there is my Mom and Dad, I need to visit the grave sites. It has been over a year now.I need money for the cat funeral and then airfare to take me to gravesite many states away. My house is in forclosure, but,l I am getting used to sleeping in the park
contact me:
Homeless with dead cat @ Virginia.net.




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