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Hey do any of you older guys know if it will now be easier for those hot young ladies to contact us about sending our money to Nigeria?

I really missed them after they could no longer contact us over on the "TeeB"!


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Keep watching the members list they are showing up with a lot of regularity.
Hey Gary, I was just looking over your profile again, and I don't know how I missed it before, but you would be a perfect match with my gorgeous and voluptuous but very sad little sister... I wish I could help her but my money is tied up right now. However, if you could send me a cashiers check for fourteen thousand dollars, I could bail her sweet little 26 year old hard body out of Africa, where some rich Nigerian prince is keeping but ignoring her virgin self and her man pleasing ways..... With these funds, I could pay for her rescue, whereas she will gladly love you and share her multimillion dollar trust fund, my rich uncle left her.......... The last time she corresponded with me, she asked me to find someone like you Gary and to let her know, so she may take a perfumed oil bath before you meet ( she likes being wet and slippery)...With all sincerity, Jack...
Jack, the check's in the mail! LOL
ROFLMAO (Click Me)
Hey is this really that guy Clod from the original TeeB?
Jeez, I wuz gonna hunt up some links for ya, but I can plainly see ya got yer hans full . . . an by now, yer wallet's empty . . .
My cat needs an intervention, He is hooked on chipmunks. Not many left and he is all strung out, plese send cash or chipmunks.

meow baby!
~ woolfish grin ~
I maintain a somewhat inactive account over on AARP.org......the last time I visited there I saw that I had been approached for friendship by some voluptuous young thing,. but her memebership had expired.

Let that be a lesson to you other old farts....love is waiting for you (and your wallet) around every corner! Always remember your member!

I don't know if I need a membership in addition to the little blue pill or not!
Gary, you'll probably only need a membership for it if you're taking it out in the water. Otherwise, I imagine a wheelbarrow should suffice.




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