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Shortly after Pope Francis gave a groundbreaking homily in which he said even atheists who do good are redeemed, a statement from a Vatican spokesman seemed to walk back the pope's words.

Just one day after the pope's now famous remarks in Rome on May 22, a Vatican spokesman the Rev. Thomas Rosica released comments stating that people who reject the teachings of Jesus Christ can't be saved afte....

Awww. gee....

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Now that's a nice sentiment.

soooo god is so inept, he or she can't figure a way to transmit the message without it being garbled? you know that you have the perfect right to believe anything you want but we have the perfect right to ask you embarrassing questions when you try to proselytize in the public venue...for instance why is your interpretation 'righter' than that of bubba gump? or the mormons...or santeria? or any of the 114 different christians sects not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of 'other' religions

If there was one true religion on the earth it would include all the population. If there is a higher power he/she/it is not concerned with all the religions or books of rules floating around causing wars. You actually have to think about how all these smug people are spouting their religion because it makes them feel superior to everyone who doesn't believe what they do. That didn't come from a God.

I can't find a Muslim who is ashamed of their religion despite the atrocities committed in Islam's name any more then I can find Born-Again Christians who are shamed by their candidates in the 2012 presidential primary.  I would think, if they knew better, they would be shamed.  

Do you reckon they don't know better, or can't?  


In "Catch-22", there's a moment where the contemptible Captain Black explains his theory of success: "Brag about things that you ought to be ashamed of". Black avers that if you simply ignore or dismiss guilt for your evil actions, if you claim a position of moral authority based on those actions (Even if you know it's a lie), then it was acceptable to commit those evil actions, and you earn the right to continue committing them.

Which, of course, is the "reasoning" of either a ruthless son-of-a-bitch or a sociopath - Like there's much of a difference.

If there were a God as depicted in the Bible, I suspect He/She/It would be able to make any thoughts He (let’s stick with convention and ignore gender) wished to transmit, available in any way He wished.  He might even override the laws of science.

If no answer, call BR-549...


Me: "That reassuring sense of being "correct", even in the face of nada empirical or repeatable proof, hampers the believer's ability to hear new or contrary ideas"

Phil: "You are just so determined to have this “debate” with me....why? 

Who are you trying to convince with your oh so very insistent words?....me?....I already know how you feel…I respect it....why don’t you just relent, and let us agree to disagree? "


The forest for the trees...

it's that ignorant and arrogant smugness and selfrighteousness...




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