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According to Robert Reich our country is at war with itself again (click).  Friends are unfriending members of the opposite party on Facebook, staunch Republicans are turning their backs on democratic family members and calling for revolt (click), employers are firing or laying off employees because Obama won the election (click).

Is this just post election frustration?  Or do you think we have a legitimate problem on our hands?




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No wonder the CEO’s are firing employees.

This bunch demonized them for months.

There are several people not to bad mouth…….. Your cook is one.

Many "demonized" as you say for good reason.

This country has many problems. I know many will disagree with me, but I think the biggest could be simply "greed."

For example the huge disparity between blue collar workers and their bosses. Even the CEOs' on Wall Street who are largely responsible for the last melt down still receive millions in bonuses and "golden parachutes' if they happen to get fired.

The "in your face" attitude of the republicans in congress in their refusal to cooperate or compromise with the President.The flat refusal to raise taxes on the wealthy to help bring down the deficit. It's really no longer a secret......the wealthiest Americans simply do not want the middle class to get any breaks.

The needless ads placed by both sides full of lies....the ability to edit and cut videos of officials so that the content sends the message they desire. Uneducated folks and those that won't research this crap cause they're afraid they might see something that is contrary to their beliefs take it to be gospel and get really pissed if proven wrong.

I could go on, but my fingers are tired........

To fix the problem: this cannot be fixed until they admit to the problem or get the facts straight.

It sounds easy by saying that the CEO's pay caused the meltdown.

Giving homes to people with no job or income is partly to blame.

A letter came out at my work place that sounded something like this:

Management has the obligation to satisfy the stockholders first in dealing with our profits.

If you people are not happy with your pay scale, buy our stock.

Another high level manager said be careful with pay raises as it causes some to buy cocaine. (this was true in the Silicon Valley)

The Government was telling our company to keep wages as low as possible because of the inflation risk.

I know that this comment is falling on deaf ears. Certain people will not listen.

Just blame those rich suckers and go in a circle the rest of your life.

Oh: Want to know how to fix all of our problems? A Good Ole Depression will fix our ills.

I maybe laying of my unemployed workers.




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