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TBD now has 2,408 profiles at the time of this posting. So how about it---can we have all 2,408 people say hello to everybody on this thread??? Give us your first names. And maybe just for an added kicker--when was the last time you hug someone?

So hello all 2,407 of you people besides me! My name is Tom---(I know--first time you ever heard of anyone with that name--right?) I just finish hugging 3 of my 8 cats. The other 5 cats feel they must continue thier lifetime protest against me.

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She is kinda of disappointed with the new TBD format. She says it's not as easy to navigate as TBD1...and that is true to a degree. It's funny though, I tell her about a conversation or thread that I have shared with a fellow member that she knows and she likes to hear about it. I have been working on her :-)
Did we get to 2,408 yet?
We haven't even got a hundred yet. Ahh well...I tried!
"seedling" LOL!!!!
I'm Chris -- short for Christopher don't 'cha know :-) I was "hristopherc" on the original site. How 'r All Y'All doing?
Ok--This is now the 60th post---and we still need something like 2300+ people to introduce themselves---By the way I manage to get a hug out of 6 out of 8 of my cats this morning--Maybe they are thanking me for closing up thier exit door--so they won't get trapped in that 2 foot of snow outside of my house right now?
Hey Everybody! I'm D.D. and I live on a farm in Minnesota. (We also have lots of cats.) (And two dogs.)
That's OK Khadeeja, some trees were made to be hugged.

Hi to all TBDers!

My name is Mary Alice, and the last person I hugged was my husband, George, this afternoon.
I is Lowell, and I is here.
I don't kick butt, but I have been known to sniff one on occasion.

I have some Beanie Babies for Christmas for you Pru. ;-)




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