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 I don't know if you read about this, but it has been big news hereabouts.  Every day there is a little bit more news about this guy who killed his wife and daughter and then hid out in the bunker that he had been building for eight years while his wife thought he was out hiking in the mountains.

I've had a few weird neighbors over the  years, but none like this.


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I'm just grateful every time I meet a reasonable person.  At least we aren't completely extinct.

I see this one guy everyday that creeps me out.  He looks homeless and has a really strange leer.  I thought he was a vagrant, but I found out the other day that he works for one of the companies in the business park and is pretty high up on the corporate scale.

You just never know about people.

I bet you have never met an Aggie.

Last week a pedestrian was hit attempting to cross "Old US Highway 99", now State Route 99, at the bottom of our hill. Traffic was diverted up our street during rush hour, helicopters hovered overhead, concert traffic was already impossible. We were curious about what possessed someone to even attempt the crossing in between one underpass that is for vehicles and pedestrians and another for pedestrians only. There is already a Jersey barrier there, but since the road is through a park at that point, there didn't seem to be a need to make it completely impenetrable. Apparently, you can't put anything between an old guy and the 7-11 where he gets his beer. The victim was someone just my age who "hangs out" with his friends at the park during the day. It is not clear where they go at night. B

There's a fella here in 'da hood that wear a kilt and plays the pipes.   I love it when I hear an impromptu performance.   the police don't...he's been asked to "cease & desist".

There used to be a guy in ours who had Tourette's.  He lived with his dad and played the pipes for therapy.  He'd walk around and play them, but nobody complained.

He told me that one summer night he and his dad were sitting in the living room with the front door open when a young possum came in, walked around the room, checked them out, and walked out the door again.

These guys--and the possums, too-- have moved away now.  I miss those days.

Is there A whacko in the neighborhood!

No, there isn't. But there is a whole nest of them right next door to us. I'm not kidding, the whole family is....crap, I almost never run out of words, but these guys are...

WHACKO!!!!!! to the point of being semi scary.

Did you ever wonder if YOU were the whacko in the neighborhood?

I used to have Parents Without Partners meetings and there were a lot of cars belonging to guests parked on the street sometimes.  One night a neighbor came over to complain that there was a car parked in "her" spot in front of her house.  The neighborhood cop just happened to be at the meeting and explained to her that she didn't own  the street parking in front of her house.

That neighbor considered me the whacko.

After we moved here, we were considered unconventional because we were a biracial family and after a year, my husband stopped coming home and we got divorced.  We were unusual, and for some neighbors, that was a sign that we should be watched carefully.  Usually the people doing the watching were the scary ones.

Times have changed now and we are the "old" people in the neighborhood.  The real whackos that I know about have moved away.  My daughter keeps up the front yard and is frequently consulted about landscape design and horticulture.

Now that I'm retired, maybe I can start cultivating my "codger whacko" status.


Another new whacko in the neighborhood!

This is just where my daughter and I were playing in her little boat a couple of weeks ago.

I wonder how they knew he didn't have any weapons.


After he threw away his sleeping bag, that was all he had.  Although my daughter read to me a comment that was on the order of "He didn't have any weapons on him.  After all, the water was pretty cold!"

Snert!  How did you like the artistic splashing pics?




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