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Some us are blessed to be with who they want to be, others are looking,

and some of us are just wondering...

Who or what do you consider the perfectly imperfect partner?

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Perfectly imperfect describes it well.

Even after about thirteen years, I have this little nagging feeling that there's a part of Colin that I still don't know well.  I don't think he's hiding anything, there's just a funny little edge to him that I notice about once a month or so.  He has little habits that aren't really all that bothersome, they're just different from my little habits.  He's actually not too far from perfect.

It seems to work for us.  Neither of us believes in fairy tales or "Happily ever afters".  We're happy with what we've got.

I'm glad for you, Slim!

I like to imagine I am Princess Fiona.  LoL

George and I are happy with what we have!  Neither one of us is perfect, and we have learned to accept those imperfections as just part of the person we love.

You both sound perfect.

This is the real world.

Thank you, Slim!

George and I do go round and round sometimes.  Sooner or later, we make up.  :-)

We go round and round too.  People say good relationships are a lot of work.  I think they are a lot of "waiting it out".


I'm a pretty imperfect partner. I would cease to interesting and my life would be quite dull if l were to become perfect.
I have kissed a few toads though to find the imperfect companion. :-)





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