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Ok, TBD is gone, Ning TBD is here, we are splashing in the kiddie pool getting used to it.
BUT...Did anyone notice that there is no leadership? No governance, no management, administration?

Not gainsaying anyone, but the creator of this site is absent. There are no notes on the Notes tab. The badge says "Sorry, no..." which is ominous and probably unintentionally mysterious and rude.

Obviously some work has been done, some things moved around to make it more comfortable, but since there is no profit incentive, there is of course not much effort or imagination.

BUT...Does the inspiration, the sweat, the ingenuity, the possibilities - do these things REQUIRE financial gain? I suspect there are several members here who would love to contribute, to suggest, to even create applications, try new features, make badges, add notes about the direction of the site.

This Ning is an investment of our hearts again, just as TBD was. TBD fell to pieces and little is known about why. I've heard it was not a money issue, which leaves only a few other likelihoods.

Is it possible that NingTBD could be a more open, communal, perhaps even viral experiment in a group dynamic that does more than just splash in the waters?

Too early to think about, but I throw it out there anyway. TBD seemed to operate behind a curtain, here there is a curtain with no one behind it. There is no "Under construction", or "Help wanted".

Will this new home thrive, or will it stagnate without any leadership? It's like the feeling when you move into a new house and you run around and pick rooms and windows and closets and attics. It feels pretty cool. Then you notice there are no parents, and the fridge is empty.

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I thought Pru was the leader.
She is always kicking my ass.




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