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At times things seem to be linked, somehow a part of the same story and yet, that is impossible. Much of what seems linked is because of the media that is a billboard of events, a list of happenings that gives an impression and imagine but not necessarily the perspective on ongoing events and that can telescope one thing on top of another that are otherwise not related.

At the end of last week it was the conclusion of Jodi Arias trial. After months of presentation and coverage, the evidentiary phase and was summarized by both the prosecution and defense with the media, already involved in so much coverage and exposure of the shock and titillation as to the crime and the circumstances, left with a verdict to be rendered.

On Saturday evening, on a bridge that links San Francisco with the rest of the Bay area, a limousine carrying a group of 9 young women celebrating the wedding of one of the friends, was caught in a mysterious onboard fire, killing five.

A woman turned herself into police, ending a disappearance of 11 years of a wife and mother of two who had been subsequently declared missing and dead before showing up in Florida as a homeless person.

The shocking situation of a woman escaping from a 10 year imprisonment by three brothers who had kidnapped her and two other women and held together in a house in Cleveland along with a six year old child of one of the women who had been held captive.

The only clear common thread is timing of the events and the gender involved and yet, somehow there seems to be something that needs to be bigger in all of what happened, some sort of cause and effect, an explanation of what and why things happen.

Or not, or maybe....

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Destiny makes sure things happens in groups of three’s.

...Or even fours.

Or if you multiply the over 7 Billion people now on the planet times whatever can be defined as a "happening" in a single day, maybe they are grouped in groups of three or four Trillion per day.

Some speculate that the human mind is structured to find patterns and order even when it does not exist. German Philosopher Immanuel Kant claimed there are two primary intuitions, time and space. The human mind cannot conceive of anything not occupying time and space. He and others in various disciplines come close to saying we must impose some sort of order on things, reality be damned in some cases.

Today, another event could be layered on the theme of a common thread, sexual assaults in the military. 

Of course, one could say, dah, what happens when there is proximity?   And no, it is not a defense, but it is a fact that closeness matters and life in a military is based on closeness of your friends, and your enemies.  And no, this was not an unknown at any point in the process balancing the genders in the military. but it was a part of the command structure. thou shall not...

Maybe mixing males and females in the military is a mistake?
I never saw a female in Camp Polk or Nam.
Just an occasional Donut Dolly that would talk for $300.00 per hour.

There were boo coo nurses in Cam Rahn.... But they were off limits unless you were a patient.

I could be very wrong, but the common thread that I see is...shit happens. It always has, and it always will. Humans are very compassionate beings, except for the deviants, which are not as rare as we would wish. Through the ages atrocities have been committed countless times. Today, the media barrages with the latest tragedy, only to wait for the next one. There will always be, sadly, humans that want to hurt other humans. It may be for religious reason, sexual reasons, bigotry reasons, or sadly, just sadistic reasons.

As a flower child of the 60's I had dreams of the human race was going to evolve past it's violent tendencies. Those dreams have been put on hold.

Maybe in my next life time my dreams will come true.

Maybe not.




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