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Let's celebrate the beauty and power of the human voice without instrumental accompaniment. Any genre, any format.

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Pretty impressive, Jack! Thanks for posting this.

Here's Sam (and Sam and Sam and Sam) singing one of my favorite hymns.


My daughter sang with her a cappella group while attending SUNY at Binghamton in upstate New York. This college group of singers are called The Binghamtonics. Of course, seniors graduate, new students join the group every year but  for the years my wife and I saw concerts plus even after our daughter graduated, the Binghamtonics still sound terrific. My daughter had a couple of solos. My proudest moment was about 3 years ago when the Binghamtonics performed at Radio City Music Hall before the Rockettes and the Christmas Show Spectacular. After the show ,(which is terrific-especially the Rockettes), the Binghamtonics sang at scheduled times at nearby Sachs Fifth Avenue.  I went to a bar mitvah reception too a few years ago where instead of a band, an a capella group performed and took requests from the audience. They did my "Bohemian Rhapsody" request. YES.A capella voices will always be part of my music listening and hopefully others will appreciate them too, not familiar with this type of singing. 

There aren't much happier moments than watching our children shine, are there, Mark?!

How wonderful that your daughter is so talented, and that she found such a great outlet for that talent. I checked out The Binghamtonics on YouTube--they do sound terrific, and it's obvious they're having a lot of fun after all the hard work it takes to pull such performances together.

Thanks for sharing your love of a cappella singing, and your pride in your daughter! 




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