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Here is a blog written by a person in Delhi...I wonder what you on TEE BEE DEE feel about this?

Here it is ...as it is..


01. Do not step out of home during night.
In Delhi, night starts whenever the men decide to prowl upon women. So, if possible do not step out of home at all.

02. Do not stay at home.
So many women are raped by men closest to them. Family members, relatives, neighbours… and you thought you were safe at home?

03. Do not trust anybody.
Adding to the list in the second step, do not trust your teachers, your security guards, your friends, your colleagues, in fact any male member of this society….be paranoid for life.

04. Do not live your life.
Do not work, do not study, do not wear clothes of your choice, do not wear makeup, do not laugh out loud, do not travel, do not live your life anymore.

05. Do kill yourself.
If you’ve attained puberty, it’s time to decide whether to live ahead or not. Even if you are a baby or a grandma, you’re not safe. ‘Cos any animal on the street will target anyone with breasts and vagina. If you can’t kill yourself, at least mutilate your face. Though there is no guarantee of it keeping you safe from these men.

and last, one bonus step. If possible,

06. Do not take birth.
If you’re a soul hovering around still undecided about where to be born as a girl child, Delhi is not a good choice. Please rethink.


If you are a Delhiite and your blood boils at the never ending spate of crime against women, do make your voice heard. Write a blog post, post an update, if nothing else, copy this post and mail it to the Chief Minister of Delhi: cmdelhi@nic.in or go meet her at 3, Motilal Nehru Place, New Delhi. You can register your protest by calling her office at:  011-23392020, 23392030. 

It’s time we made our government and law enforcing agencies took some serious steps about safety of women in Delhi. This is the least we can do.



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A reply by one fried of mine..Radha Misra Why only Delhi - every other day I read news item of girl / woman being raped / assaulted - age / color / caste / income no bar!!

Sadly, all women, and sometimes men, are at risk...we can only take certain precautions.  I'm glad to see that the people of Delhi are being proactive and are working for change. 

Living in fear should not be an option for our species.

Hi Sam, it's a shame on society when a woman is harmed in this way. It is not about lust, it's about rage and anger and violence. Sad. Thank you for being pro active in wanting to be helpful.

It's 2012, and it is really sad we are having this dialog. Reguardless of where one lives on this planet!

This event has started a major set of demonstrations and police actions based on the lack of police protection and actions to prevent such public dangers such as rape.  The anger is what many apparently the demonstrators feel that the government is not doing to provide for a civil, stable and secure society.  It is also an opportunity to express political upset at a time the government(s) of India are being asked to govern on behalf of the people, an opportunity to also express political viewpoints at a time of political turmoil as the Indian economy expands but not for everyone.

So, is the rape or the what it represents?  Both apparently.  And it puts the question to the Indian public as to what their expectations are for themselves and their government.  




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