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Well this sucks. The font sucks.
We have no KUDOS.
Did I mention the lack of KUDOS?
And o yeah, this font situation SUCKS.

Good night everybody!

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It's beautiful. I don't know that I have appreciated a font this much in quite some time. Yay! Let's give it up for not sucking. Woot!
one good font deserves another. That is funny!
Trying fonts in MS Word and copy and paste
If this is the crappy font in black then it didn’t work
Used to be able to enlarge fonts
I used to teach MS Office and I could
enlarge fonts for people who had trouble seeing.
Doesn’t appear to work anymore.
No, I haven't found a script that will allow you to resize in the text box of a comment. There must be one though.

Most browsers will let you resize the page so maybe it isn't that important.

Dobbs and Beck!

hee-heee haaaaaaaaaaaa!

I'm easily amused.

I'm sure Donald can relate to a situation that sucks!
That's hawt.

Here's a kudos!




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