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Well this sucks. The font sucks.
We have no KUDOS.
Did I mention the lack of KUDOS?
And o yeah, this font situation SUCKS.

Good night everybody!

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WTF is up with this font?
Hi, DD...
Up on the header you have B for Bold and I for italic, U for underline, and S for... scratchout, I guess. Just highlight and click on the desired effect.

This ancient typewriter stuff is for the birds. How did ZD get his post in the right way?
Yes this font sucks. I agree, and we need KUDOS!
It's a secret. If I tried to tell ya, it would involve a long explanation regarding css, style sheets, and htm tags - and since I'm just a hack, I guess I'll pass on the explanation
LOL (Click Me)
Thank you ZD. Very funny Multiple KUDOS for Zen Dog!Good morning everyone and yes, this font is terribly hard on the eyes. Still protesting!!!
it would be nice if we could pick the font and color, along with Kudos
It looks like it's back to "normal" or am I just getting use to it.
I think there is a distinct probability that you are simply aclimating to the new real . . .
I used to acclimate but then I got shots and quit..

Look all the little buttons work!!!
Interesting. I couldn't access the front page. Why? Because the phone wanted to ring.

On the other end?

A computer . . .
and now the front page reads:

Dobbs and Beck!


ZD - and what does it say about them on the front page? Are they packed up and ready to go?




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