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As in, "What's So BAD About..."

Like, fer instance...WSBA letting your dog root around in the neighbor's flower bed?

Not that I've ever let mine do that, Heavens, No...

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A big red dump truck might think that it's mating season and try to hump your bumper.


(I know I'm being crass today)


WSBA being crass?

Not having the good sense to be good at it beforehand.


WSBA a colonoscopy?

you get a good colon cleanse before the fact whether you are ready or not- there it goes!  ewwwwww!


WSBA justice served?

It has to be an unfavorable decision for someone else.


WSBA a definite maybe?


Definitely means no.


WSBA being 'smarter than the average bear'? Neeeyeeeaaahhhh!!!

it is better than being dumber.


wsba sneezing?

Your eyeballs might pop out.


WSBA always being sincere, even when you don't mean it?


Ya get what ya want and  then later can laugh about it!


wsba having a well-bread cat ?

It will be hard sliding him into the toaster.

WSBA today being half as good as tomorrow is supposed to be?

better than 1/2 as good it was yesterday.

wsba airdales?

They look like aardvarks, so people will be trying to feed them ants.

WSBA getting a degree in beatnik occult poetry?

you can communicate with street urchins.

wsba seeing the sunrise and sunset  in the same day?




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