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As in, "What's So BAD About..."

Like, fer instance...WSBA letting your dog root around in the neighbor's flower bed?

Not that I've ever let mine do that, Heavens, No...

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Probably the eventual oozing pus.


WSBA solar flares scorching your eyebrows off?



Trying to find another use for Rogaine?!!?


WSBA buggering farm animals?   (Baaa....aaaa....aaaa!!!)


*LOL*   ;->

You probably have a long wait for that inter-species newborn to pop out.


WSBA putting half eaten hors d'oeuvres back on the serving tray?

Depends on if its a hosted bar, enough alcohol will keep you safe.


WSBA sticking your finger into the bottom of candy to checkout the filling, then putting it back

Ms. Candy might tell her big goon boyfriend.


WSBA a corduroy soap dish?

The corduroy pattern left on the soap bar rubs against your skin like pumice.


WSBA white knuckles?

It might cause hairy palms.


WSBA a dyslexic doing your income taxes?


you may get  more money back.


wsba chasing someone w/ a saw?

Tripping in a gopher hole and accidentally sawing your brain in half.



WSBA losing the cardboard box you once called home?

You most likely left the keys in the lock.


WSBA going on a blind date with your ex?



          Er,um which one?

Husband #1,aka OG, or even PePe' as he is known in some circles has industrial strength BO!


WSBA industrial strength BO?




You might be mistaken for a garbage dump by a flock of seagulls.


WSBA testing your car's horn every two minutes?





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