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Maricel Evasco's Blog – November 2011 Archive (2)

...thankful for the cold turkey/ And the Republic for which it stands.



Mac Hammond

The man who stands above the bird, his knife

Sharp as a Turkish scimitar, first removes

A thigh and leg, half the support

On which the turkey used to stand. This

Leg and thigh he sets on an extra

Plate. All his weight now on

One leg, he lunges for the wing, the wing

On the same…


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FALL Musing- Beauty vs Decay

Here's my backyard right before the October 29th snow storm that blindsided the Northeast.

Fall for me is a curious season especially with the juxtaposition of beauty and decay. I guess it is much like perceiving aging. Do you see the splendor of the foliage first, its incandescent glow of colors or do you see the withering vines and  shriveling fruits? OR are…


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