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an opportunity to experience joy and hope

and cast away the burdens of painful reality


an opportunity to release anger and stress

and rejoice in forgiveness of others and self


an opportunity to find hope to shine light

through the darkness of discouragement and despair


an opportunity to acknowledge that miracles happen

if we affirm their existence


an opportunity to celebrate all expressions of joy

whether it be of your faith or of others


an opportunity to purposely commit to manifesting love

despite past grudges and disillusionment


an opportunity to reconnect with our spirituality and

experience a rebirth in our connections with others


an opportunity to resurrect that goodness in ourselves

that have laid dormant or forgotten in the grind of daily life


an opportunity to celebrate the symbolic risen Christ,

the light within us that gives us resiliency in dealing

with our human condition. 


(Maricel 04.24.11)


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Comment by thallygal on April 25, 2011 at 8:52am


That is so beautifully written and an expression of the kindness and compassion you offer.  These are the very things that I need to focus my attention on, and in so doing lead a peaceful life

thank you

hope you had a happy Easter, filled with love and laughter

Comment by larry kremis on April 24, 2011 at 6:30pm
Very nice Mari!



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