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Some things are best described in images but they leave out what can affect us at our deepest core....scent.   The rush of smell that goes straight to our core....to our brain...stimulating a flood of memory...
Tell about what affects you....was it Grandmas' cologne...Grandpas' choice blend of pipe tobacco.
Use your words to convey the emotion or to describe the scent....

Just for starters......

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Good scents:
Fresh brewed coffee...in my house, in the early morning when my alarm is sounding.
Camping tents...back in the day when they were made of canvas.
New doll....again, back in the day.
Fresh cut grass.
Snow melting in the spring.
Deep in a forest....moss and dried leaves.
The ocean....even before you get there...you know it's coming.
An old book store.....wood floors and binding....smell of yellowing paper.
The back of a baby's neck.
A puppy.....kitten....bird....
Cherry cured pipe tobacco.
Balsamic vinegar....weird but good.
Fresh baked bread...pretty much anything baked in a real oven.
Air dried laundry.
The morning scent of lovers..
Not so good scent...moth balls......but good for keeping varmits away....:-)
*be back with some more.....*
The first puff of air from a freshly opened sack of Fritos corn chips.
Agreed, Bob! Now I wanna go get a bag!
Avon Skin-So-Soft. One whiff and I am transported to the beach.

When I smell rain on a hot summer sidewalk I can picture me and my friends dancing around and giggling.
Oceanus.....a special scent enhanced by a special Lady.
Puppy breath

Sauteeing onions, peppers & garlic

Fresh popcorn

A big field, right after a heavy rain
Freshly mowed grass.
the Great Egg Harbor Bay
mock-orange flowers
onions & celery being cooked for the stuffing for the turkey
the smell of the air after the rain
woodsmoke on a fall day
my mother's perfume - Emeraude
my wedding day perfume - Elan
Remember the odor of a copy fresh out of a memograph machine!!???
The smell of fresh cut grass and my favorite soap by Crabtree & Evelynn, Lily of the valley.
Fresh line dried sheets....on a freshly made bed on a cool summer night....




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