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Another wildly (and proudly) misinformed teabagger.

it says nothing.....and if she has trouble with thousand, it is possible she doesn't compute correctly either....perhaps she made less the year before and her taxes went up 20 bucks..without actual numbers we can't even decipher it

Folks making less than minimum wage pay no Income Tax  ...

Her son in kindergarten made the sign.

does she work for walmart?

I thought the same thing, does she work for Walmart...oh, she COULD be a waitress, if she worked in Virginia, she would make $2.13 an hour and get taxed on her projected tips which may or may not actually happen.  That's not a typo...$2.13 is what restaurants pay per hour here.

She's probably a muddled victom- feeling teabagger bitching and not makeing any sence what so ever.

Posibly, she got paid to waer the sign..and is on her tip toes trying to see where the free dounuts are..

Sad statement for what she earns and for how un informed she is. I'm so grateful I'm not her.




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